Updated on Tuesday 01st October 2019

Bestar is a partner firm of BridgeWest.

LimitedCompanySingapore.com is one of our most trusted business registration companies in Asia. We have relied on them on various occasions and in all of them, we were answered in a very professional manner. We recommend LimitedCompanySingapore.com to all investors who want to open companies in Singapore.

Vlad Cuc, Director of Bridgewest




Our collaboration with LimitedCompanySingapore.com has started several years ago when we were looking for partners who help is in Southeast Asia. Ever since this relationship has grown stronger as we have got positive feedback from the clients we referred to Bestar. We hope this cooperation lasts for many years to come.

Marcela Manea, Attorney at Darie, Manea & Associates



Bestar is the first company to answer our questions related to starting a business in Singapore and we were replied in a very short time. We have received very accurate answers from LimitedCompanySingapore.com in terms of company registration, but also on various accounting matters. We can say that Bestar offers all the services a foreign investor needs to have a successful start in Singapore.

MichaƂ Gawlak -  Attorney-at-law at CGO Legal Counseling (LawyersPoland.eu)



We recommend LimitedCompanySingapore.com because of the professional manner we were treated with from the first contact we had with them. We definitely recommend them to clients interested in starting companies in Singapore.

Valeri Bendianishvili, Lawyer and Managing Partner at Business Setup Georgia LLC



We want to thank LimitedCompanySingapore.com for all the answers they provided us within such a timely manner. All the team members have been very supportive, answered all our questions and guided us. We recommend LimitedCompanySingapore.com as support to every investor interested in entering this market.

Paul Gheorghiu, Company Formation Agent at Sig Fiduciaire